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5 Special Buildings With a Story

Some architects are geniuses and one already sees it as larger, more special or more pronounced than another.

If an architect is allowed to indulge his desires on a building, then you often get a surprising or simply stunning result. These 5 buildings are among the most extraordinary in the world.

The dansing house

This design by Vlado Miluni and Frank Gehry consists of two parts that seem to dance. You can find it in Prague. A building to make you happy. The building serves as a hotel and office building and its nickname is Ginger & Fred, after the famous dance couple. The building is constructed from no fewer than 99 panels, each with a different shape and dimensions.

Hang Nga Hostel

In Vietnam you will find this "Madhouse", but the designers fondly call it a fairy-tale house. With some imagination you recognize cobwebs, caves and mushrooms, . The building has no sharp edges and the fairy-tale decor makes you dream away anyway.

Space Needle

When you arrive in Seattle, you cannot miss the Space Needle. This landmark was built for the 1962 World Exhibition. The tower is 184 meters high and can withstand wind speeds of 320 km per hour. This tower can take a beating.

Sagrada Família

This Gaudí project in Barcelona, ​​which has been in the works for years, cannot be missed. The first stone was laid in 1882, but since then it has always been a "work in progress". The delivery is planned for 2026, but don't be surprised that it will delayed for a few more years.


A modern building should of course not be missing from this list and modern is the least you can say about Google's headquarters in California. This complex has no less than 190,000 m² of office space. In 2005, Google had this complex completely restyled by the renowned architects of Clive Wilkinson Architects. In addition to office space, you will also find laundries, 18 cafeterias and two swimming pools.

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