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Pinoy Zoomers: Holistic wellness over big paycheck

A recent survey conducted by health maintenance organization (HMO) PhilCare revealed that Filipino generation Z, or Zoomers, put holistic wellness on top of their priorities in looking for a job, more than the monetary benefits.

Digital natives born in the late 1990s to the early 2000s are entering the workforce with a fresh set of priorities and preferences, making it imperative for organizations looking to attract and retain this digitally savvy and health-conscious generation to understand their nuances.

Holistic health is an approach to wellness that simultaneously addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components of health.

Called "Philippine Workplace: The Rise of Gen Z," this quantitative study is the fifth and latest in the company's groundbreaking series of nationwide health and wellness studies that started in 2015.

About 400 participants, ages 16-26, from the 17 regions of the country participated in the online survey conducted in August this year.

PhilCare put the spotlight on Filipino Gen Zs, who account for a chunk of the Philippine workforce.

The study probed their psyche to discern their work-related inclinations and help make the workplace a healthier, more responsive environment.

"Zoomers are not just looking for a job; they're seeking a meaningful career that resonates with their personal and professional goals. Their approach to work is holistic, valuing health, convenience, and job satisfaction alongside financial compensation. This generation isn't just working to live; they're working to thrive," PhilCare Wellness Index lead researcher Dr. Fernando Paragas said last Wednesday.

Paragas said one of the most interesting findings of the survey is that they found out that Gen Zs "have a strong sense of self, they know what they want" and that has something to do with their preference in looking for a job.

He added, unlike the older generations where people look for high paying jobs to help their parents and families, Gen Zs understand the importance of stable income, but they are not willing to sacrifice their health, convenience, or satisfaction purely for financial gains.

While health is paramount, convenience is not far behind. The Wellness Index found that ease of travel to and from the workplace ranked second in importance when considering a job.

"The days of long, grueling commutes are becoming less appealing. The findings hint that Gen Zs place a significant value on work-life balance and the desire for quality of life and wellness. This might be one of the reasons work-from-home setup has become increasingly popular," PhilCare Wellness Index chairman Dr. Enrique Ona said.

While the allure of a hefty paycheck remains undeniable, it is evident that money is not the sole motivator for Gen Zs in this survey, as they rank job satisfaction third in their work priorities, which means they actively seek jobs that offer a harmonious blend of personal and professional fulfillment.

PhilCare said the results of this survey should be an eye-opener to companies and as the voice of Gen Zs grow louder in boardrooms and office spaces, employers and organizations must adapt.

"As Filipino Gen Zs step confidently into the professional world, they are not just bringing their skills and talents — they are bringing a fresh set of expectations.

Organizations that recognize and adapt to these changing winds will not only attract top talent but will also pave the way for a more holistic, balanced, and fulfilling work environment," said PhilCare Chairman of the Board Monico Jacob.

Source: Manila Times

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