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Ziggurat Blog now available via RSS

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that allows our customers to access updates to our blog in a standardized, computer-readable format.

The updated content of our blog can quickly reach our interested customers and new content is automatically broadcasted to the subscribers.

Subscribing to our blog RSS removes the need to manually check our blog for new content.

This content is distributed in real time, so that the top results on the RSS feed are always the latest published content for our blog.

Where can you subscribe?

You can access our RSS feed by clicking on the RSS feed icon you can find at the bottom of our webpages or to right click the icon and copy the link in your RSS reader.

What Are Some Examples of an RSS Feed Readers?



Many readers are available to access RSS information. A quick google will provide you with a variety of options.

Happy Reading!

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