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Systematic Country Diagnostic of the Philippines : Realizing the Filipino Dream for 2040

The government's Ambisyon Natin 2040 vision describes the kind of life the Filipino people aspire for themselves and for the country by 2040: a prosperous middle-class society free of poverty. Achieving this long-term vision implies a tripling of per capita income by 2040. The World Bank's Systematic Country Diagnostic identifies a four-part diagnosis of the constraints to the Philippines' achieving its Ambisyon Natin 2040 goals. 

1. The country can enact policies that maintain its high rates of growth but also make that growth more inclusive and generate good jobs.

2. Investments in human capital can ensure that Filipinos lead healthy lives and have the skills for those jobs.

3. The Philippines can build its resilience to natural disasters and the looming climate crisis, while continuing to build the peace in Mindanao.

4. A common thread is the need for follow-through and implementation, which points to governance as the core cross-cutting challenge.

The full Worldbank report can be found here

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