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Take advantage of Pag-IBIG services without leaving your home

Along with businesses and establishments, government agencies closed offices when municipalities were placed under community quarantine protocols. Despite this, public services remained. Some government institutions stepped up to the challenge of serving Filipinos in a remote set-up. 

Embracing the new normal, certain offices have taken their services online. Pag-IBIG, for one, has virtual systems to help members apply for loans, settle accounts, and check records. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of Pag-IBIG services without leaving your home:

E-mail Your Loan Applications

Members affected by the coronavirus pandemic can apply for the multi-purpose and calamity loans by shooting an email to the official email addresses of Pag-IBIG. Take these simple steps to file your application:

  1. Fill out the multi-purpose loan or calamity loan application form from the Pag-IBIG website. Use an Adobe Acrobat Reader in answering the fields, or you can also print it out.

  2. Send the accomplished form to your employer or the human resources director. The company would then sign the Application Agreement section, and send it back to you.

  3. Along with a scanned copy of a valid ID and LBP/DBP/UCPB Cashcard or Loyalty Card Plus, submit the application form to the e-mail address assigned, based on the location of your company’s office.

Who’s eligible? Members qualified for the multi-purpose loan are those that have at least 24 months of contributions. It’s also crucial that you were consistent in the last six months. These requirements apply to calamity loan applications as well, on top of the fact that you’re living or working in an area under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). 

How much can you borrow? In both loan programs, you can borrow up to 80 percent of your total contribution. If you have an existing loan, however, the amount you’re eligible for will be the difference between the 80 percent of savings and the balance of your current loan. It’s worth noting that you can take out the same loan as you currently have. 

You can apply for a multi-purpose loan even if you have an existing MPL, as long as you’re consistent in paying off that loan prior to the ECQ. The amount you can get is the difference between the amount of your current loan and the one you’re applying for.

How long will the approval process be? Once Pag-IBIG receives your application, the waiting period for the release of money takes seven up to 20 days.

Use Virtual Pag-IBIG

Aside from filing through email, you can go to the government office’s Virtual Pag-IBIG page when applying for short-term loans. Here’s how you can use this online service:

  1. Choose ‘Apply for a Loan’ and then ‘Apply for a Short-Term Loan.’

  2. Enter your 12-digit Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) Number.

  3. Provide your cash card information.

  4. Upload photos or scanned copies of the application form signed by your company, valid ID, and selfie photo holding your cashcard and valid ID.

After these steps, the system will provide you with a reference number. Take note of that and use it when monitoring the status of your application.

Aside from loan applications, Pag-IBIG likewise has received applications for the three-month moratorium on payments via its virtual system. Members simply entered the loan they’re enrolled in, as well as personal details. A one-time PIN (OTP) is sent on the member’s mobile device, a prerequisite for securing a reference number. The moratorium offer covers payments due on March 16 to June 15.

Check Records

Virtual Pag-IBIG allows members to view the status of their savings and loans. To access these, you must be logged into your online account. The account creation involves providing your member information, as well as a photo of your valid ID and selfie of you holding your ID. 

Settle Account with Online Payment

Prior to the health crisis, people have been settling their accounts through banks or payment centers in malls. Under the new normal though, you can pay through the online channel Pag-IBIG has set up on its website. 

On the page, you simply have to key in the following information: program type, membership category, and MID number. Include the membership savings, period covered, and of course, the amount. Pay via Paymaya, Visa, Mastercard, or JCB. You can choose to receive a payment confirmation by providing your mobile number or email address.

Digital is the new normal. In this age of social distancing and community quarantine, government offices have been embracing online platforms to provide convenient and safe services to people. Learn how to use these channels yourself, so you can stay home and keep yourself healthy and well amid the crisis. (src: lamud)

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