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Future Tech: Smart Mirror

How much time do you spend looking in the mirror in the morning? They assist us in getting ready and show you how you will present yourself when you leave the house.

But mirror assistance is getting smarter. Digitalized smart mirrors not only inform you of your appearance, but come with an electronic display behind the glass.

Like a smartphone, these mirrors have different widgets that can reveal weather conditions for the day, the time, date and news updates.

Smart mirror technology uses computer technology integration into the traditional mirror and creates a device that can display information, such as weather, news, time, etc. Smart mirrors are normally consisting of touchscreens or voice recognition technology that allows users to operate easily.

Some mirrors also have additional features, such as cameras, and sensors that can track data. These features are useful for a variety of applications. This technology is still relatively new, and it’s mostly still in luxury markets due to high costs. But the technology is expected to become wider in the coming years as it becomes more affordable and easier to use.

How does the smart mirror work?

Workings of a smart mirror can be depending on the specific technology used, but generally, smart mirrors use a combination of hardware and software to integrate traditional mirror functionality with modern technology. We can see some key components that are included in a smart mirror.

  1. Display: LCD or OLED high-resolution display mounted behind the mirror to show the digital content or information.

  2. A computer: A computer is used to process and manage the content and display it on the screen.

  3. Sensors: To track user activity or detections

  4. Connectivity: Smart mirrors have connectivity to the internet to make communication with other devices.

  5. Touchscreen or voice recognition: Smart mirrors equipped with touchscreens or voice recognition technology enable user interaction with the digital content displayed on the mirror.

Normally the software for the smart mirror uses existing software platforms, such as Android, MAC, or Linux, while others may use custom software designed specifically for that device. Overall, the combination of these components and software allows for the creation of a smart mirror.

What are the benefits of smart mirrors?

There are several benefits of using smart mirrors.

  1. Convenience: IT provides easy access to information with fewer interactions while getting ready in the morning or completing other tasks simultaneously.

  2. Personalization: Allow users to customize the display of the information.

  3. Efficiency: It saves time by providing quick access to important information, such as schedules and reminders or fitness routings.

  4. Entertainment: It can also provide entertainment options, such as streaming music or videos easily.

  5. Home automation: Some mirrors are integrated with home automation systems, allowing users to control smart home devices.

  6. Health tracking: This allows users to monitor their health and fitness progress over time.

Instead of being a mere reflection on the wall, smart mirrors could convert your bathroom wall into your morning’s personal assistant.

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