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Gen Z employees in the modern workplace

The emergence of Gen Z in the workforce is shaping the modern workplace in many ways, and it presents a unique challenge for managers who want to effectively lead and motivate this new generation of workers. Understanding the leadership and motivational preferences of Gen Z employees is crucial for improving job satisfaction, productivity and retention. In a recent study by the Ateneo Center for Organization Research & Development, researchers Arnold Policarpio and Mikee Talamayan shed light on the key leadership themes and motivational factors that are important to Gen Z employees in the Philippines. In this article, we will share the seven leadership themes that are most valued by Gen Z employees, explore their motivational factors, and provide practical strategies for attracting and retaining this cohort in your organization.

A new generation with unique values and preferences

Gen Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce, and they have a significant impact on the modern workplace. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z grew up with technology and is highly adaptable to its constant evolution. They are also more diverse, socially and politically engaged, and value-driven, with a desire for social justice and environmental sustainability. In the workplace, Gen Z employees prioritize purposeful work, work-life balance, and personal growth opportunities, and they place a high value on flexible work arrangements, such as remote work. Gen Z is also driving a shift toward a more inclusive and collaborative workplace culture, with a focus on transparency, open communication, and a sense of community. As more Gen Z employees join the workforce, companies will need to adapt their strategies to attract, retain and engage this new generation of workers.

The seven leadership themes valued by Gen Z employees

According to a study by Policarpio, Gen Z employees in the Philippines value approachability, respect, mentorship, competence, fair decision-making, autonomy and support for career and personal growth in their leaders. This perception of ideal leadership may have been influenced by the Filipino relational nature that values relationships over tasks. Leaders who embody these qualities can improve the job satisfaction, productivity and retention of Gen Z employees. Policarpio's study highlights the importance of cultivating positive relationships and offering mentorship to match Gen Z's desired leadership styles. Older generations have an opportunity to guide and share institutional knowledge to help shape Gen Z's chosen career paths.

Motivational factors driving Gen Z employees

According to Talamayan's study, personal achievement, passion, learning, growth and career development are essential factors that motivate Gen Z employees. However, what sets them apart from other generations is their emphasis on family, considering it a significant responsibility to support their loved ones. Unlike their millennial counterparts, Gen Z prioritizes financial security over an interesting work environment and sees their job as a means to save for the future. They also prioritize work-life balance and seek organizations that support this, with a desire for purposeful work and community involvement.

Practical strategies for attracting and retaining Gen Z employees

To attract and retain Gen Z employees, companies need to adapt their strategies to align with their unique values and preferences. For example, offering opportunities for learning and career development is essential to keep Gen Z employees engaged and motivated. Some firms have even implemented programs that allow their workers to learn new skills and attend conferences related to their interests. Additionally, companies need to be flexible and offer work arrangements that support work-life balance, such as remote work options and flexible hours. They can also implement wellness programs, offering gym memberships and mental health support to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Gen Z's value for making a difference in the world is reflected in the rise of social enterprises and purpose-driven companies, where employees can contribute to causes that align with their values.

Source: Manila Times

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