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How can a Christmas tree be a fire hazard?

A Christmas tree can be a fire hazard, especially once the needles dry out. Keep your tree well-watered and avoid keeping live trees longer than four weeks. Keep away from any sources of heat.

2017 USA statistics

Tips for safe holiday decorating

Decorating and hosting are fun but can pose risks. A lot of decorating-related injuries occur daily during the holiday season; about half of the incidents involve falls.

As you decorate your home for the holidays, watch for common holiday hazards and safety slip-ups. Use these tips:

  • Put safety first : We know you want your decorations to look great. But do not sacrifice safety to do it. Ensure that all decorations are properly secured to your home and are not at risk of falling. Check local recalls and safety alerts.

  • Choose a safe artificial tree : Choose a tree that is fire resistant; you will see a fire-resistant label when buying. When setting it up, ensure the base is sturdy to avoid tipping or falling over.

  • Keep live trees watered : Make sure you choose a fresh live tree. Keep it watered to ensure it remains green and fresh and not become a fire hazard.

  • Inspect all light strands before using: Carefully inspect all light strands for damage, loose sockets, fraying, and broken lights. Only use CSA-approved lights.

  • Do not overuse extension cords : Never connect more than one extension cord. Ensure you don't overextend electrical outlets, or they could short out.

  • Choose decorations wisely: Avoid using decorations that look like food or toys if you have young children or pets.

  •  Use a helper for decorating: Always have someone spot you when using a ladder, lifting heavy boxes, and hanging lights.

  • Place decorations carefully: Keep sharp and potentially dangerous decorations and ornaments out of reach for kids and pets. Look for shatterproof ornaments as an added precaution in case they fall off the tree. Also, keep decorations away from heat sources.

  • Turn off lights when leaving: Turn off your outside and indoor holiday lights before going to bed or leaving your home.

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