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How to get the zonal value of your property: a step by step guide

As many customers are interested in finding out the zonal value of their property, we hereby provide a step by step guide to access the zonal values as published by the BIR.

Access for the average, not so technical customer is a bit of a challenge but we will provide this guide to help you along.

1. Go to the BIR zonal value page where they are publishing the latest zonal values for all of the Philippines.

The image blow is the page you will see.

2. Search for the province or barangay you are looking for using your browser 'find in page' search [in Firefox] or find [in Chrome]

3. Once you have locate your Province or Barangay click on the zip file link and this will download the zip-file onto your device. The file name will be the same as the heading on the BIR page.

The file that you just downloaded is a compressed file. (.zip extension)

In order to open this file and get access to the excel file you need to un-compress (or unzip) it with special free software.

You can use winRAR or 7-zip or many other alternatives you can find via google.

4. Once you have downloaded and installed the un-compress software or app, open the downloaded file in the un-compress application.

This is the file opened in the WinRAR application

In order to un-compress the excel file your press 'extract' to and put the excel in a destination of your choosing on your device.

Finally, you have the Excel file on your device that is now usable to search for the zonal value you are looking for.

5. Open the excel file and use the search function to locate you required zonal value.

This is the opening screen after opening the excel file. Do enable editing as you will need to search the file.

You can browse the notice sheet to locate where your city or barangay is located or you can use the excel search to locate your city/barangay.

Once you know in which sheet the zonal values you are looking for are located, go to that specific sheet by tapping on the tab at the bottom.

If you go down with the arrow keys in the sheet, you will see the definition of the land classifications:

Before you search further take note of the structure of the excel file:

6. Now you can search the sheet (or the whole workbook) for the location you need, in our example San Carlos City.

Now you have access to the zonal value using a street name and the right classification as appropriate.

This guide is made on PC with windows 11, so some screens might look different on a mobile device.

Source: Ziggurat Real Estate

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