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How many liters of gas can one buy for an average net wage?

An average Filipino can buy 192 liters of gas using his entire net pay in a month, according to the 2022 edition of the Petrol Index by research firm

Since 2019, the index assesses the relation between retail pump prices and salaries.

The Petrol Index is computed by dividing the average monthly net wage by an average price of a liter of gas.

The Philippines was the fifth-lowest net monthly wage-to-per liter gasoline price in the region, ahead only of Cambodia (170 liters), Indonesia (164 liters), Pakistan (158 liters), and Sri Lanka (105 liters).

Meanwhile, average price of fuel in the country rose by 36.9% in June to P83.45 per liter from P60.95-per-liter average in January, said.

This placed the Philippines as the fourth-highest average price increase in the region in the first half of the year, after Sri Lanka (129.5%), Pakistan (52.2%), and Indonesia (47.7%).

Source: Picodi

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