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May is Land Transportation Safety Month.

With road safety plans in effect, the Philippines continues to enforce greater measures to decrease the number of road issues and incidents. Under Proclamation No. 115-A, May is declared to be Road Safety Month 1 in the country. It is commemorated to promote responsible road use, raise awareness of the economic costs involved, and prevention of overall mishaps among road users.

Road Incidents and Fatalities: A Snapshot

The World Health Organization (WHO) 2 stated that the increasing “motorization and urbanization” of the Philippines has contributed to the increase of 55% of registered two to three-wheelers in the country, with emphasis on motorcycle accidents making up the majority of traffic crashes and injuries.

In addition, the World Bank Group and Global Road Safety Facility’s Road Safety Profile on the Philippines states that 77% 3 of road crash fatalities and injuries are in the age groups 15 – 65 years old; while a 3:1 male to female ratio ages 15 – 49 is the most vulnerable to fatalities.

This snapshot complements a report from that mentions the increasing incidence of vehicular catastrophes in the National Capital Region (NCR) as of 2017 — and out of the 63,072 4 reported cases by the Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS), 434 led to deaths, 19, 374 to injuries, and 94,097 accounted for damage to properties.

The common denominators for these incidents were drunk driving, non-wearing of seat belts, reckless driving, non compliance with traffic rules, and more.

Pillars of Safety

The staggering number of fatalities and injuries triggered an ever stronger (and imperative) road safety plan to address this national issue.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO), in line with the Department of Transportation (DOTr)’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), has been initiating safety measures at national and regional levels.

This led to the agency-identified five (5) pillars 5 of road safety:

  1. Qualified Drivers: Refers to individuals with sufficient driving skills and knowledge of road safety courtesy; passers of LTO theoretical and practical exams.

  2. Roadworthy Vehicles: Vehicles with relevant parts that are working well and comply with the standard and international safety standards.

  3. Traffic Discipline: Compliance with traffic laws or a code of behavior.

  4. Community Relations: Mutually beneficial relationships with communities within the operating organization.

  5. Legislative Initiative: Competent governing body or institutions to introduce or consider laws, amendments, or repeal existing legislation.

The road safety advocacy “must stand by the 5 Pillars,” states LTO.

GRSF Annual Report 2022
Download PDF • 10.60MB

Source: LTO and Road Safety Faciltiy

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