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One of world’s tallest art installations depicting Filipino resiliency unveiled in the Philippines

A new gigantic statue symbolizing the success of Filipinos across the globe was recently unveiled on the boundary of Pasig and Quezon City in the Philippines, and has joined the list of the tallest public art installations in the world.

The towering sculpture named "The Victor" dominates the landscape of a popular real estate development in Metro Manila as it stands at an astounding height of 60 meters, surpassing even the Statue of Liberty in New York, which measures 46 meters from heel to torch.

Designed by Filipino-American artist Jefre Manuel-Figueras, "The Victor" depicts a resolute figure with a raised fist, embodying triumph over adversity. It pays homage to the resilience and perseverance that resides within every Filipino.

Weighing a hefty 330 tonnes (660,000 lbs), the massive sculpture comes alive during the day, with sunlight filtering through its perforated stainless steel body. "At nighttime, this becomes one of the largest projection mapping projects in the world as an art piece," said Manuel-Figueras. "The Victor" is illuminated at night, radiating a sense of hope and inspiration for all who see it.

While the masterpiece is inspired by the success story of John Gokongwei Jr's real estate legacy, the artist said the sculpture aims to celebrate every Filipino, including those living and working abroad.

"Yes, it was inspired by his leadership, but the figure as we started the process was not an individual, but is about the heart and soul of the Filipino," he said via video call during a media preview. "It is to honor those hardworking Filipinos who are doing global accomplishments and still sort of honoring their Filipino pride,” he added.

"With The Victor embodying the spirit of triumph, hopefully people will be inspired by the success of Mr John and also carve their own path towards success and greatness," stated Mybelle Aragon-GoBio, Robinsons Land Corporation's SVP in a recent media event.

"The Victor" aspires to be more than just a visual spectacle as the vision includes plans to add functional spaces around the sculpture's podium, including art galleries and restaurants, transforming the area into a vibrant destination.

Source: The Peninsula

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