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Public Disturbance Is A Crime

Anyone who causes a disturbance or scandal in public places may be charged with a criminal complaint for Alarms and Scandals. As provided for under Article 155 of Act 3815, otherwise known as the "Revised Penal Code," as amended by Section 19 of Republic Act 10951:

"Art. 155. Alarms and scandals.— The penalty of arresto menor or a fine not exceeding Forty thousand pesos (P40,000) shall be imposed upon:

"1. Any person who, within any town or public place, shall discharge any firearm, rocket, firecracker, or other explosives calculated to cause alarm or danger;

"2. Any person who shall instigate or take an active part in any charvari or other disorderly meeting offensive to another or prejudicial to public tranquility;

"3. Any person who, while wandering about at night or while engaged in any other nocturnal amusements, shall disturb the public peace; or

"4. Any person who, while intoxicated or otherwise, shall cause any disturbance or scandal in public places: Provided, That the circumstances of the case shall not make the provisions of Article 153 applicable."

In addition, if the disturbance caused in public places is serious in nature, they may face the imposition of a higher penalty. Article 153 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, expressly provides:

"Art. 153. Tumults and other disturbances of public order; Tumultuous disturbance or interruption liable to cause disturbance.— The penalty of arresto mayor in its medium period to prisión correccional in its minimum period and a fine not exceeding Two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000) shall be imposed upon any person who shall cause any serious disturbance in a public place, office, or establishment, or shall interrupt or disturb public performances, functions or gatherings, or peaceful meetings, if the act is not included in the provisions of Articles 131 and 132.

Source: Manila Times

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