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Transform with technology: Shaping the future of real estate

JLL’s first global report on the rapidly evolving real estate technology landscape.

The pandemic has provided us with an unparalleled opportunity, even a necessity, to rethink the built environment. The technologies that are now available – and others in the process of being developed – are set to radically reshape how we construct, interact with and use buildings.

The increasing deployment of technologies, from connectivity and hardware advances enabling the mass use of sensors to machine learning and artificial intelligence, now mean that nearly every aspect of the property industry has the capacity to evolve more quickly than ever before.

As the real estate industry rises to the challenge of delivering a significantly decarbonized built environment, technology is likely to be the single biggest catalyst for green progress.

Technology will also be essential as we seek to better manage space and its impact on people. Now more than ever, the health and well-being of the workforce are paramount to business success.

The new workplace, aided by technology, calls for more effective and dynamic use of space. This presents immense opportunity, but the proliferation of new technologies, new companies and new operating models has made it difficult to navigate the shifting landscape.

There is so much technology out there that businesses are often left overwhelmed. Where and when does a business start to invest in new technology and how do they know which area to prioritize?

This report aims to help organizations navigate the complexities of the proptech landscape and provide a strategic technology road map, so that firms can capitalize on those tech investments that will increase the value and benefit of buildings and the happiness of those who occupy them.

Transform with technology
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Source: JLL

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