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What Are The Psychological Effects Of Moving House?

Moving is not only about physical stress, but it also challenges you and your family psychologically. It’s all about leaving those emotions, friends, community, and your special moments spent in that house behind.

Being an emotional human being, you may develop strong attachments to your house and society, and that becomes hard to leave when you are shifting to a new place.

Of course, there would be the excitement of going to a new house, but you can’t deny the fact that your attachment is stronger than your excitement. People usually resist change because it not only affects social life but also disturbs their psychological aspects in core.

Difficult Scenario for Kids

While elders can control their emotions, it becomes difficult for children to express what they are feeling while leaving their friends, society and house.

Children, especially with introverted, anxious and inflexible personalities face the worst impact of moving a house from one locality to another. They feel the scenario of losing their dear friends, loved ones and the memories captured in their previous home.

That is the reason why it is imperative to spend quality time with your kids while preparing for a move.

Fear & anxiety

Since relocating a house is a life’s most significant experience, there could be a mix of emotions, fear, and anxiety within you. Whether you are moving out for the first time or you have done it before, the fear is something that will affect you psychologically.

There following factors that will create more anxiety while moving your house, including:

  • Fear of having your belongings damaged

  • Fear of being scammed

  • Lack of time

  • Fear of leaving friends behind, etc.

In order to overcome your fear, try to keep yourself calm and composed. Throw a small get together party for your friends and family and spend quality time.

If you are still feeling weak psychologically, then you should consider the following tips that will help you cope up with the situation of house relocation with ease:

1. Acceptance is a key

First of all, you need to convince yourself that moving a house involves a range of mixed emotions and you have to deal it with maturity and concentration. You may become more sensitive at times because of the feelings oozing out of your mind. But keeping yourself busy is one of the best tricks to get out of this emotional phase.

2. Spend quality time together

If you have a family and you are moving with kids, spend quality time with them. This will reduce the emotional breakdown of relocating a house for all of you. You can create strategies for packing, visit your new house, spice up your excitement level and rejoice the experience of shifting to your dream house.

3. Throw a farewell party

Yes, you should do this for your kids. Let your children spend those last moments with their friends before moving out of the current address. Throw a small get together party and invite your kid’s friends, neighbors, relatives and society members and let your kids enjoy the best moments. You can arrange a small kid’s party as well and organize some games for them so that they will get out the adverse psychological effects of moving house.

4. Prepare for a move

In order to decrease the emotional impact, get yourself busy in preparation for a house move. Find reliable and affordable removalists, arrange all packing supplies, and even start packing your belongings. You can also clean up your entire house, but it is better to hire a reputed cleaning company and relieve yourself from the stress of cleaning. Make a list of useless items, purge them and even packing knickknacks will be helpful in diverting your mind from psychological disruption.

5. Get familiar with the new place

It is good to visit the place you will be moving in order to get familiar with the local market, nearby places, etc. Exploring the city will help you in reducing the negative psychological effects of house relocation and make you feel better. It will be even better if you take your family along with you to let them know more about the area you will be relocating.

6. Positively welcome the change

Anticipation, anxiousness and enthusiasm all come together when it comes to shifting a house. It is always wonderful to get to the new place, meeting new people and exploring the new relationships and friendships. So, why not sum up all this and positively welcome the change that will be happening with the relocation of your house. Try this and witness a relief yourself!


Understanding and controlling negative psychological effects of moving house becomes imperative these days. The fear and anxiety of moving a house can be handled when you follow the tips mentioned above, especially for your children.

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