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CMRPI continues to move up at a slower pace in January 2021

The annual increment of CMRPI in NCR decelerated further to 1.2 percent in January 2021, from its previous month’s annual rate of 1.4 percent. In January 2020, its annual change was observed at 0.7 percent.

Annual increases slowed down in the indices of the following commodity groups during the month:

  • Electrical materials and plumbing materials, both at 0.6 percent;

  • Tinsmithry materials, 1.7 percent; and

  • Miscellaneous construction materials, 0.7 percent.

Meanwhile, annual hikes were higher in the indices of carpentry materials and masonry materials, both at 1.5 percent; and painting materials and related compounds, 1.7 percent.

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