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Filipino part-time workers adapt spending habits

The ongoing economic downturn has led to shifts in spending behavior, attitude, and actions for 84% of Filipinos engaged in part-time employment, according to startup market research firm Agile Data Solutions, Inc.

The survey was rolled out online from July to September 2023 to 1,000 Filipino participants aged 18 and above through the Hustle PH app.

The study revealed that 60% of Filipinos are involved in some form of part-time work, with younger Filipinos being the most involved.

Analyzing the average earnings of part-time workers across different regions revealed that individuals are reportedly earning as much as P10,000 per month in the leading three areas, which are CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) at 20%, the National Capital Region at 18%, and Central Luzon at 11%.

About 78% of men and 76% of women with part-time jobs expressed a necessity to save their income. This trend is more noticeable among Generation Z (Gen Z) and Millennials, who are reportedly shying away from buying non-essential products.

The study also found that in terms of juggling multiple part-time jobs, women are likely to have a single part-time job, while men are more inclined to have two or more part-time positions.

“We see an increasing number of Filipinos, particularly the younger generation, seeking part-time employment as a means to bolster their income and attain financial stability.

This trend is further driven by the prevailing economic challenges and inflation, which reached 6.1% in September,” Jason Gaguan, chairman and chief executive officer of Agile Data Solutions, said.

The study also revealed a shift in values and priorities among different generations. Specifically, financial independence takes precedence for 83% of Gen Z individuals (aged 18-25) compared to just 76% of older generations (41-60).

Conversely, older generations prioritize flexibility more, with 47% emphasizing its importance, while only 25% of Gen Z respondents share this sentiment.

This illustrates a willingness among Filipinos to exchange time for financial stability in their younger years. As individuals age, their focus tends to shift towards the importance of time and achieving a better work-life balance.

Across both genders, there’s a strong consensus that communication skills are crucial to getting hired. A substantial 84% of women and 81% of men emphasize the value of these skills for part-time employment, underscoring the importance of strong interpersonal abilities, even in part-time roles.

Call center roles top the list of part-time positions that Filipino workers look for, closely followed by virtual assistant roles, service crew positions, information technology roles, and sales positions, respectively.

Work from home emerges as the top preference for working arrangements among individuals of all ages which signals a growing acknowledgment of the value that remote setups bring.

“Filipinos today aren’t just adapting to the digital age — they’re truly making the most of it. With all the new technology and online platforms out there, many are finding jobs that fit their preferences and skills. It’s a testament to the adaptability and spirit of the modern Filipino workforce,” Mr. Gaguan said.

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